How Long Does It Take to Get a NEBOSH Qualification?

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A total of 80-120 hours of study is required for the NEBOSH General Certificate. This is divided into two categories: ‘tuition hours’ and ‘self-study hours.’ However, how long it takes you to complete your qualification will be primarily determined by your daily obligations, availability, and preferred study technique.

One of the most important aspects of running any business is ensuring the health and safety of those who both work in your company and visit it. This is essential, regardless of the industry or business that you are in, and one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is safe and that your business conforms to the legal requirements of health and safety is to study for a NEBOSH qualification or employ someone who already has one.

The prospect of studying for a NEBOSH qualification might sound a little daunting and like a long-term investment. Although there is a lot of work involved, it is achievable, extremely beneficial and, ultimately, saves lives.

Depending on which qualification you decide to study, you will pay different prices and need to study for different amounts of time.

NEBOSH Qualifications

There is an array of different NEBOSH qualifications that can be studied, ranging from beginners’ awards to industry-specific certificates through to their nationally and internally recognised diplomas and professional qualifications.

The course which you should be studying depends on what information you need to have at your fingertips, your previous knowledge and whether you are looking to develop a career in health and safety. Each qualification takes time to achieve but they can take different amounts of time to get the qualification that you need.


NEBOSH Awards – such as the Award in Health and Safety at Work or the Environmental Awareness at Work Award can take a matter of days – as long as the course takes. Generally, course attendees will take time out of work to take the course and then sit the test or examination at the end of the day or days.

This means that NEBOSH Awards are an excellent option that will give numerous employees a good basis of health and safety knowledge in a short course and therefore a short amount of time.

One day NEBOSH courses

We have a wide range of NEBOSH courses that are designed to be delivered in just one day. We are able to offer this training via video conferencing software, making it more convenient than ever to attend. They’re very popular courses for anyone looking to develop new skills, continue their professional development and learn alongside peers.

  • Working with Wellbeing focuses on how we can improve wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Introduction to Incident Investigation is great for any professional who wants to learn how to investigate incidents and accidents at work.
  • Leadership Excellence is the perfect qualification for any leader, business owner or director who wants to understand health and safety, it’s importance and why it makes business sense to invest in safety.

NEBOSH Certificates

There are numerous NEBOSH certificate courses available. They allow attendees to study more specifically, in more detail. They can include more industry-specific courses or drill down into more specific aspects to the world of health and safety.

NEBOSH certificate courses such as the National General Certificate, the National Construction Certificate, the National Fire Certificate, the Environmental Management Certificate, and the International General Certificate can take between 1 day and 10 days of study time, but are typically between two weeks and three months to complete.

NEBOSH certificates take more investment with time and energy and are therefore a good option for those who are using and responsible for some aspects of health and safety in their everyday work. Managers and supervisors are ideal candidates, as well as people who are looking to progress through to a career in health and safety.

NEBOSH recommends that those who are looking to study for a NEBOSH diploma, for example, that they first study a NEBOSH Certificate.

The course needs to be completed within 5 years to be able to complete a NEBOSH certificate qualification. It is also possible for people to take fast-track courses to get their certificates faster if appropriate.

NEBOSH Diplomas

NEBOSH diplomas are a far more substantial, professional qualification which take a much longer amount of study time. The NEBOSH National Diploma is equivalent to a degree-level qualification and consists of 27 study days. However, most people take between 9 and 36 months to complete their National Diploma.

By achieving a NEBOSH diploma, you will be able to apply to be a graduate member of IOSH, allowing you to then go on to become a Chartered member of IOSH. You can also apply to be a member of the International Institute of Risk Management (as well as use the letters MIIRSM after your name).

To achieve either diploma, the course needs to be completed within five years. It is also important to remember that NEBOSH recommends that in order to have the best foundation to study for a NEBOSH diploma, a certificate qualification is obtained first. The time that it takes to achieve a certificate is not included in the study time for the diploma.

Depending on the type of NEBOSH qualification that you are looking for you can get it in a matter of days, or study for it over a number of years if you wish to. They can play an integral part in ensuring that everybody and everything in your place of work is as safe as possible and compliant with the law.

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