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A closing interview is an integral part of the assessment process for anyone taking a certificate-level NEBOSH course. If you’ve been caught up in preparing for your assessment, you might not have given much thought to what comes after it. Read on to find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to NEBOSH closing interviews.

NEBOSH Closing interviews FAQ

What is a NEBOSH closing interview?

A closing interview is a short meeting that takes place in the weeks following a NEBOSH Scenario Based Assessment (also known as an Open Book Exam, or OBE). It takes around fifteen minutes, usually over a video call, and is carried out by a NEBOSH-certified tutor or other appropriate person. The interviewer will have read your exam submission beforehand and will ask a series of questions about your answers, from a list provided by NEBOSH.

How long does a closing interview take?

Closing interviews for certificate-level assessments, such as the NG1 for the NEBOSH General Certificate, take around fifteen minutes to complete.
Learners studying for the NEBOSH Diploma will need to take part in a similar interview known as Professional Discussion when they submit their assessments. These take around 45 minutes.

I’m studying for a NEBOSH qualification – will I need to do a closing interview?

Everyone who sits a Scenario Based Assessment (otherwise known as an Open Book Exam) for a NEBOSH Certificate course will need to participate in a closing interview. This includes:

  • NEBOSH National General Certificate – NG1
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate – IG1
  • NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety – FSC1
  • NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety Management for Construction – CN1
  • NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

If you need to book a closing interview then your Learning Partner should contact you with more details, but if you’re unsure it’s always best to check directly with them. Closing interviews are only a requirement for examinations, you do not need to complete one after submitting a risk assessment (e.g. NG2).

When do NEBOSH closing interviews take place?

Closing interviews take place up to two weeks after the submission date for your assessment. For each exam sitting, NEBOSH have a strict deadline that all closing interviews must be completed by. If you have a genuine reason why you cannot attend any interview during that window, for example if you are in the Armed Forces or need to complete jury duty, then you will need to inform your Learning Partner as soon as possible so they can apply to NEBOSH for an extension.

How do you organise a NEBOSH closing interview?

Your Learning Partner will contact you in the weeks leading up to your assessment to provide more information on the closing interview process, as well as how to book them. If you are with ACT, you will receive an email with a link to a scheduling service, so you can choose the date and time that most suits you from the appointments provided.

I’ve booked a closing interview, what happens if I can’t attend?

Once you’ve booked your closing interview slot, if you then cannot attend for any reason, you need to contact your Learning Partner as soon as possible in order to reschedule. Failure to attend a closing interview will be seen as a breach of NEBOSH Malpractice Policy, and as such your results will be withheld by NEBOSH until an investigation has taken place. If you fail to attend your interview without giving prior notice , your Learning Partner may also charge you a rescheduling fee in order to cover admin costs and the interviewer’s fee.

What happens in a NEBOSH closing interview?

The interviewer will welcome you to your interview, and introduce themselves. They will then ask you to confirm your name, and you will need to show them photographic ID. If the interview is taking place over a video call, then you will need to move the camera around the room to show there is no one else in there with you who could be assisting you with your answers.

The interviewer will then ask you questions about your exam submission, picked at random from a list of questions provided by NEBOSH. The type of question you can expect to receive is “For Task 3, you were asked to recommend control measures for A – you recommended XY, and Z. Rank these in order of importance and explain why.”

Once you have answered your questions, the interviewer will thank you for your time and the interview is then over.

What happens after a NEBOSH closing interview?

As long as the interviewer is satisfied that you completed your assessment yourself, your results will be released to you on schedule.
If the interviewer has any reason to suspect malpractice, their records is forwarded on to NEBOSH for them to make a formal investigation. However, this is rare and NEBOSH will always contact the learner to hear their side of the story before making a ruling.

Why are NEBOSH closing interviews needed?

Closing interviews form part of NEBOSH’s Malpractice Policy. They are designed to ensure that the assessment you submitted is your own original work, and was completed without any improper outside influence.

Are NEBOSH closing interviews marked?

Closing interviews are not marked in any way and will not affect your grade.


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