Why choose our publications?

ACT have been partnered with RMS Publishing since 1992 and we have created a wide variety of publications covering a multitude of health and safety topics. Each publication is designed to be high quality and affordable. They each contain a vast amount of information on the topic that they cover and we have created publications for the following topics:

Our NEBOSH Study Guides

Each publication is full of knowledge curated by our experts and tutors that will help you to complete your NEBOSH course. We include both in-depth and broken down information on each of the NEBOSH elements, pictures, diagrams, sample assessment questions, a revision checklist, assessment guidance and further reading recommendations that can help you to be fully prepared for your open book exam.

Audit Checklists

Audit checklists were some of the very first publications that ACT and RMS partnered to create.

Each audit checklist has been created by an expert auditor with the intention of providing resources that will help you to cut down on the preparation time required to undertake an audit.

We have workbooks and guidance for important standards such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and resources for assessing subjects like human factors in a standardised way.

Management Systems

Our management systems publications provide a step by step guide that will help health and safety professionals to understand and implement health and safety management systems such as ISO 45001.

Our management systems publications are designed to be portable and provide guidance on how to implement standards including a wide variety of examples and hypothetical workplaces.

They are created by expert auditors with practical experience as auditors and tutors of auditing courses.

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