The ISO 45001 is an international standard of occupational Health and Safety management.

Whether you’re familiar with ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001 or are not familiar with any standardised health and safety management systems, ACT will be able to help you to improve your risk management.

What is 45001?

The ISO 45001 standard is a health and safety management system that is designed to be a flexible and versatile framework that can be applied to any business, large or small to improve occupational health and safety. The standard has been designed to meet the challenges of the modern workplace, by providing an emphasis on leadership and managing change to allow for companies to take control of their workplace specific risks, then develop alongside problems both in a preventative manner and as they arise.

Why implement ISO 45001?

Implementing the ISO 45001 standard is a great way to improve productivity by fostering a workplace environment that is committed to the health and safety of it’s staff. Not only does proper management of risks reduce incidents and accidents, taking clear steps to improve your health and safety shows your staff that you are looking out for them.

What are the benefits of using the ISO 45001?

Improving health and safety risk management has a wide range of positive effects for the company when properly implemented.
It provides a clear view of a company’s compliance to regulations from governing bodies, and helps to manage the adherence to these regulations. The standard encourages the development of a safe working environment by creating health and safety policies to maintain a focus on reducing risks, keeping staff healthy and avoiding incidents and accidents.
Once the ISO 45001 standard is in place, it is much easier to audit the workplace to ensure that high standards of health and safety are being maintained.

What does our consultancy service provide?

Due to the nature of the ISO 45001, all consultancy is organised in the form of a quotation.
Our ACT team can come to your workplace and perform a gap analysis, assessing how much needs to be done to meet the ISO 45001 standards. This gap analysis is an integral part of the process, irregardless of current levels of health and safety.

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No Standard In Place

Our ACT team work with you to develop your health and safety management system from the ground up, until it adheres to the ISO 45001 standard.

OHSAS 18001 In Place

If you have OHSAS 18001 implemented, we can perform your gap analysis and help you to develop a plan on how to implement the ISO 45001 standard.

Self-managed Health and Safety

If your company has it's own health and safety management system, and health and safety team, you may prefer training to implement ISO 45001 yourselves.

ISO 45001 Implemented

If you already have ISO 45001 implemented, you may still want to get an independent view on how your company is adhering to the standard.

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