Management Systems HSG65 Workbook

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This Audit 123 Management Systems – HSG65 checklist workbook relates to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on effective management of health and safety (HSG65 – POPMAR version) and is an effective way of evaluating an organisation’s strategic approach to health and safety.  Benchmarking against this critical standard is essential for many corporate organisations.

The checklist workbook provide a comprehensive strategic audit tool enabling auditors to quickly deliver audits with the minimum of preparation.

Separate checklist guidance has been published to accompany this workbook and guide auditor decision making, enabling audits to be comprehensive and consistent.

The checklists in this workbook focus on the strategic arrangement required for the management of health and safety.  In particular, they consider and reflect the HSE guidance on effective management of health and safety as expressed in HSG65 second edition:

Section 1 – Policy

Section 2 – Organising

Section 3 – Planning and implementation

Section 4 – Measuring performance

Section 5 – Reviewing performance

Section 6 – Auditing performance

The publication is wire bound for ease of use.

This checklist workbook can be used in its current form without preparation or adaptation and enables an auditor to quickly identify an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in respect to the management of health and safety.

The format of the workbook reduces audit preparation, simplifies analysis and aids report creation.  The unique progressive evaluation and scoring system is very user friendly and it makes it easy for the auditor to recognise success and identify improvement actions.  The workbook includes forms to enable analysis of the organisation as a whole and, if required, at departmental level.

This audit workbook is supported by separate auditor’s guidance, which provides additional information on good practice and how conformity with HSG65 should be achieved.

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