NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence


NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have joined forces to develop this one day health and safety qualification for senior business leaders or those that are aspiring to senior leadership positions.

Positive leadership is an integral part of successful businesses and this course has been designed to help leaders to understand the reasons for health and safety leadership on an organisational level, and what benefits excellent health and safety leadership can have for the business. The course covers key aspects of health and safety such as the moral, legal and financial reasons for maintaining a good standard of health and safety.

Unit HSL1
Health and safety leadership
Study Time
1 day
Available Learning Routes
Zoom, In-house

This course is ideal for employees in senior positions, for example, Board Director, H&S Director, Operations Director, HR Director, Finance Director, Health and Safety Executive, or anyone who aspires to become a senior leader in the future. It will help delegates become a better health and safety advocate and influencer by highlighting the key areas to focus on to make a difference.

Health and Safety leadership is an essential skill, therefore it is relevant for all supervisors working in any sector, anywhere in the world.

Employers will gain a number of benefits from giving their business leaders the opportunity to take this NEBOSH HSE course, including:

  • Leadership that reflects HSE’s model of effective health and safety leadership
  • Health and safety will be factored into business decisions in the future
  • Leaders who recognise how their own behaviours impact on health and safety culture

This one day course highlights the moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership. It offers guidance on the key areas to focus on to make a difference and how leaders can become better advocates and influencers in relation to health and safety.
The syllabus for the course covers:

  • What health and safety leadership means
  • The moral, legal and financial reasons for good health and safety leadership
  • The links between health and safety leadership and culture
  • What the different leadership styles are
  • How human failures can impact performance and culture
  • The HSE’s model of effective health and safety leadership
  • How leaders can build effective relationships with the workforce

We aim to ensure that all of our courses are engaging and provide real world examples that you can use to develop your learning, by applying what you learn to your own organisation.

The HSL1 assessment will be in the form of reflective statements. Showing how the delegate’s knowledge, skills and behaviours may have both positive and negative effects on health and safety performance in their organisation.

Delegates will also need to make a commitment to a leadership intervention that will improve health and safety management within their sphere of workplace influence.

There are no entry requirements for this NEBOSH certificate.


December 2020

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