Why use a competent person service?


  1. More confident workforce
  2. Improved moral
  3. Fewer incidents/accidents
  4. Reduced claims and insurance premiums
  5. Improved company image
  6. Increased profitability

Contracted Person

Contract Support Services enable you and your organisation to know that you are not on your own and that help is available when needed.

Ongoing Support

If you already have a Competent Person in post but need additional support we can work with them to provide time effective solutions.

Risk Assessments

If you require specific support with the development or review of risk assessments our service will provide you with cost effective solutions.


We can provide you with an appropriate Health and Safety Policy/ Manual that suits your style and the risks that you are managing.

Independent Audit

We can provide services that will help you to establish the status of your organisation and identify actions to improve risk management.

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