Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Workbook Volume 1 of 2

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Key Points

The Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace checklist workbooks enables detailed analysis of the status of an organisation’s legal compliance, management of health and safety and control of specific risks.

They provide auditors with an in depth analysis of the criteria contained in the Audit 123 Level 1 publications for this topic.  The searching approach puts under scrutiny the risk control systems that lead to good workplace health and safety.

The style and depth of content establishes these checklists as an excellent tactical auditing tool. This is very useful for audits used to identify the underlying aspects of good management that lead to compliance or analytically identifying the symptoms of ineffective management after an incident.

The checklist workbooks for this audit package are in two volumes, each has an accompanying auditors’ guidance publication:

Volume 1, this volume, provides a validation of the procedures and systems in place and the compliance of the organisation with appropriate legislation.

Volume 2 provides a validation of the implementation of the risk control systems for the variety of risks found in the workplace.

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