Case Study: Martyn Hill, NEBOSH Diploma

Case Study By Rhiannon Davies

A photo of ACT graduate Martyn Hill wearing a graduation cap and gown, next to a large backdrop that reads 'NEBOSH -Congratulations on your Graduation'

In our latest case study, we caught up with Martyn Hill,  who recently celebrated achieving his NEBOSH National Diploma at his graduation ceremony in Warwick. Martyn first began studying for his Diploma in 2018 with ACT’s e-learning course, in association with the ELCAS scheme.

Congratulations on your graduation! Can you tell us a little about the organisation you work for – what’s your role and what does it involve?

I work for Network Plus who deliver utility and infrastructure services for the UK’s major providers of gas, power, telecoms, transport, water, and wastewater. I am the safety advisor to multiple projects installing, repairing, or diverting electrical installations on overhead lines, underground cables and in substations.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety of combining office-based work with supporting operational teams to work safely in a high-risk environment.

You’ve just graduated with a NEBOSH National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. What made you want to start studying for the NEBOSH diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma was a really good way to progress my career, develop my knowledge and gain a better understanding of safety in multiple environments.

You decided to opt for the elearning route – what influenced this decision and how did you find learning online?

E-Learning provided me with the flexibility to study whilst working fulltime. I found it difficult to balance work, study and family at times. I was working with other safety professionals which helped to discuss topics or areas I was less familiar with.

How did you approach the balance of your career, your studies, and your personal life?

I aimed to set time in the evenings and weekends to focus on my study. This increased when I approached the exams. I set myself a study plan and kept to it most of the time. My wife was supportive and helped me to balance the study. NEBOSH and ACT provide guidance of the number of hours study required for each module which helped plan my time.

What were some of the challenges you faced while completing your Diploma?

Studying in areas I was unfamiliar with provided a challenge, NEBOSH expects safety professionals to have a good understanding of a variety of industries. Although challenging this has been really useful to help assess my own workplace in different ways.

What advice would you give others considering starting their NEBOSH Diploma?

NEBOSH is the most recognised health and safety qualification across the UK, the diploma has opened new employment opportunities and has helped me progress my career. I would definitely recommend this to people considering a career in health and safety, you must plan your study and ask your course provider for support if needed.

Do you have any final thoughts to share on your journey?

ACT provided me with a great platform to study, they supported me when exams were difficult during Covid and helped me to prepare a re-submission of my final dissertation. Studying with ACT has given me the confidence to continue my development, and I will continue to look at other areas of study.


The NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is an essential advanced qualification for anyone who wants to establish their career as a health and safety professional. Click here to find out more about the NEBOSH Diploma and how it can benefit you.

Martyn achieved his NEBOSH Diploma in association with the MoD Enhanced Learning Credit scheme, providing those leaving the Armed Forces with learning credits to help establish them their new career path. Click here to learn more about the ELCAS Scheme.



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