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This course is also available tutor-led in the classroom, or online via video conferencing.

Distance learningThe NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is one of the UK’s leading health and safety qualifications.

It is held by over 200,000 professionals and the knowledge and skills that you can learn with this course are relevant to every workplace.

The course covers essential topics such as the legal, financial and moral reasons for managing health and safety, UK legislation, how to identify and manage hazards and risks, and how to apply all of this to your workplace.

Why choose NEBOSH E-Learning?

Looking for a career in health and safety? Want to learn how to effectively manage risks in the workplace? Hold responsibilities for managing health and safety at work?

This is the qualification for you.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is the golden standard of professional qualifications for occupational health and safety professionals.

ACT have been delivering this course since 1991 and our course materials have helped thousands of learners to complete their General Certificate qualification.
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We’re a Gold Standard NEBOSH Learning Partner, accredited by NEBOSH to deliver this course.

Our course includes:

  • Flexible learning – Online 24/7 our platform is simple to use and you can learn to suit your schedule
  • Expert Tutors – The course has been created by our expert, NEBOSH approved tutors
  • Practice assessments – NG1 and NG2 practice assessments marked by our tutors & feedback provided to you
  • Informative content –The course follows the NEBOSH Syllabus closely to ensure that you have everything that you need for your assessments
  • Cost savings – All of the course content without the added cost of travel or time off

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Why take this course?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is the ideal qualification for anyone looking to start a successful career in health and safety, those with responsibilities for health and safety at work, or for managers that want to go that extra step to ensure that they’re fully compliant with their legal responsibilities for managing health and safety at work.

This online course is a great way to study in your own time, and at your own pace. You can gradually work through each element bit-by-bit until you’re ready to take your assessments.

It’s an ideal way to study for people that are looking to move into a new career, that have rigid or busy schedules, or that are studying as part of their job role.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Level 6, which is comparable to a Regulated Qualifications Framework Level 3. This means that the National General Certificate is the equivalent level to an A-level qualification, or a Level 3 National Vocational Qualification.

What’s next?


A career in occupational health and safety can be very rewarding. A lot of the work health and safety professionals do involves critical thinking, problem solving and there is always something new to learn. A health and safety role often involves working with people to solve issues as they arise, and educating others on how they can stay safe at work.

There’s a reason that this qualification is held by over 200,000 professionals in the industry!

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is often a requirement on job listings for health and safety roles, and completing this course provides you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to manage health and safety in nearly any organisation throughout the UK.

Further study:

If you’re looking to take the NEBOSH National Diploma, the National General Certificate is highly recommended because it provides you with such a solid technical basis of knowledge on which you can build your Diploma level knowledge.

What does the course cover?

The e-learning course is divided up into 11 elements that cover everything that you will need to know from the NEBOSH Syllabus:
Unit NG1 Management of Health and Safety

  • Element 1 – Why we should manage workplace health and safety
  • Element 2 – How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  • Element 3 – Managing risk: understanding people and process
  • Element 4 – Health and safety monitoring and measuring

Unit NG2 Risk Assessment

  • Element 5 – Physical and psychological health
  • Element 6 – Musculoskeletal health
  • Element 7 – Chemical and biological agents
  • Element 8 – Workplace hazards and risk control
  • Element 9 – Work Equipment
  • Element 10 – Fire
  • Element 11 – Electricity

The course takes approximately 108 hours to complete, and is typically completed in 3 to 10 months.


The two units of the qualification are assessed separately, Unit NG1 is an open book exam assessment to measure what you know, and unit NG2 is a work-based practical risk assessment to show how you can apply your knowledge.

Assessments are booked separately for this course because each learner will be ready by a different exam date.

We provide you with a plan that you can adapt to your needs which will help you to stay on track and monitor your progress. At different milestones throughout the plan there are full practice assessments for units NG1 and NG2 that are marked by one of our NEBOSH approved tutors, and feedback will be provided back to you.


The NG1 unit exam is completed over a 24-hour period. NEBOSH suggest that the exam should take you around 4-5+ hours. The exam is an open book examination so you are expected to use time during the 24-hour period to plan, draft, amend and submit your online paper.

Further information regarding the Open Book Examination process can be found in this PDF.


The NG2 is a practical risk assessment. You complete the NG2 assessment based on your workplace using the template provided by NEBOSH to assess risks and control measures.

In order to complete the qualification, you must achieve a pass in both units within 5 years.

If you would like to know more about the exam process, please contact our admin team:
Phone: 01384 447915

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