The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) works with construction companies to improve skills, increase competitive advantage and create a response to the many challenges employers face in the construction industry. CITB is also a partner in ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council and is devoted to ensuring workplace safety through sufficient health and safety management of the construction workforce.

The Site Safety Plus (SSP) suite of courses provides the building, civil engineering and allied industries with a range of courses for people seeking to develop skills in this area.

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In association with CITB Centre 22760.

About CITB:

The Construction Skills' Site Safety Plus Scheme is a comprehensive health and safety training programme designed to provide the building, civil engineering and allied industries with a range of courses for individuals seeking to develop their skill set in this area. They are designed to give everyone from operative to senior manager the skill set they need to progress through the industry.

The Construction Industry Training Board regard the environment test as a key HSE test due to the fact that it complies with industry training boards, such as the board for the construction sector.

To employers, having workers who’ve passed the CITB HSE test is assurance that their workforce are and can continue to be safe at their workplace. The test is made up of 50 questions covering the following five core knowledge areas:

  • legal and management
  • health and welfare
  • general safety
  • high risk activities
  • environment

There are three types of HSE test:

  • Operatives
  • Specialists
  • Managers and Professionals

Operatives HSE Test

The operatives HSE test ensures that workers have the minimum level of health, safety and environmental awareness required before going on site.

Specialist HSE Test

These tests include questions about the five core knowledge areas listed above, as well as relevant questions in the chosen specialist areas. This test can be taken on the following topics; Supervisory (SUP), Demolition (DEM), Plumbing (JIB) (PLUM), Highway works (HIW), Specialist work at height (WAH), Lifts and escalators (LAEE), Tunnelling (TUNN), HVACR - heating and plumbing services (HAPS), HVACR - pipefitting and welding (PFW),HVACR - ductwork (DUCT),HVACR - refrigeration and air conditioning (RAAC) and HVACE - services and facilities maintenance (SAF).

Managers and Professionals Test

This test covers the same five core areas as the operatives test, but also includes questions on the following:

  • construction (design and management) regulations
  • demolition
  • highway works

The courses are offered from a one-day Health and Safety Awareness course to the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme.

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