What Are The Benefits Of Health And Safety Remote Learning?

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Remote learning has been around for many years, but really took off during the pandemic when students were forced to study in the safety of their own homes. 

Since then, people have realised the many benefits of e-learning, and have chosen to teach themselves instead of attending a formal educational environment, such as college or university. 

When it comes to health and safety courses, there are lots of advantages of remote learning, including the following:


Do it at your own speed

Some people like the pressure of studying to a deadline. However, many others prefer to learn at their own pace, particularly if they also have other commitments. 

This means they can continue to hold down a job or enjoy a better work-life balance while still enhancing their health and safety skills. 


At a time that suits

By being able to access the course 24 hours a day, this enables people to do the classes at a time that suits them. 

Many trainees would be unable to access daytime classes, which is why using an e-learning platform is a great idea, as they can carry on with their studies in the evenings and during weekends instead. 

This means they do not have to give up on the course should they be unable to make specific class times, as it is always available to them. 



Instead of having to listen to a lecturer for an hour or be instructed what to do by a teacher, all the courses are self-directed. 

Therefore, you have full autonomy over how long you take to complete the studies, and how well you know the material. Lots of people like having this self-control over their education, particularly if they are used to running other aspects of their lives, from the family to a business.

Being told what to do and when could be jarring for them, as they may feel patronised. However, taking a course approved by a leading body, such as the International Accreditation Society (iAS), means they can control their skill development while also knowing their qualification at the end will be well-respected and professional. 

Having recognised credentials such as these provides potential customers and clients with reassurance that you are able to meet legal standards with your work. 


Choice of courses

When learning remotely, there is a huge variety of programmes to choose from, whether you want to do asbestos awareness training courses, NEBOSH, IOSH or IAS. 

There might be more limitations when physically attending a class, as this will depend on what time it is being held and where the venue is, but there is far more flexibility with e-learning. 

As long as you have a computer and a comfortable chair, you can choose any course you want and begin enhancing your skills. 


Access to learning materials

Anyone who is worried they will not get enough support when doing an e-learning course need not be concerned, as students are equipped with all the learning materials they need.


Tutor support at hand

At the same time, they are able to get as much tutor support as they need, so if they are having difficulties understanding a certain aspect of the programme, they can ask for help and clarification. 

They are on hand to assist with any challenges that might arise, while there is also technical support available to deal with any issues about the training software. So you never have to worry you will be left alone if there is a technical glitch, as this will be swiftly addressed.

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