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Independent Auditing Services

Regular audits are essential to the management of systems and procedures, maintaining conformity and ensuring continuous improvement. 

ACT Resource has a team of internationally experienced auditors conversant with many different auditing systems and protocols.  We can provide audits of an organisation’s strategic position using protocols based on recognised standards, such as ILO OSH-2001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Agree scope
We start by agreeing audit scope and ground rules, for example the extent of the organisation being audited and the criteria it will be audited against.  We agree the list of people we will interview.  This will depend on the risks being audited and would include those that manage the risks.

Document review
We assess the management system and procedures that the system relies on to manage risks. This will consider the organisation’s policy on the risk being management, its objectives, plans and assignment of responsibilities.  We also look at documents related to the mechanisms that provide internal control and how nonconformities are dealt with.  Relevant strategy reports of reviews and the results of previous assessments would be considered.

We then have discussions with those selected for interview.  These interviews are broad ranging and cover all issues relating to risk management performance within the scope of audit.  We do work through a checklist, but allow interviewees room to explore issues that affect them.  Typically, these interviews last up to 60 minutes.

Observations of management practices and work practices are conducted to determine the effectiveness of the management system and the observable degree of conformity. 

Compilation of findings
Our auditor (s) then complete analysis of findings, follows up any loose ends, discusses and agrees the findings with the audit team leader and if relevant our own audit internal verifier. 

Presentation of findings
We prepare a summary of our findings for discussion with the Senior Manager in the first instance.  We then agree how best to present our conclusions and recommendations to the senior management team and other stakeholders.  We normally share with the Senior Manager on a non-attributable basis any confidential feedback we have received, together with our observations, where appropriate, in relation to specific aspects of the organisation, individual senior managers or other significant individuals.   Typically, we then attend a meeting of the senior management team to present and facilitate a discussion about our findings.

Our audits aim to involve those with management responsibility for risks and provide constructive feedback to enable managers to take corrective and improvement action.

Our audit experience enables us to provide you with top quality auditor training, for example iAS OHSAS 18001 Auditor/Lead Auditor course, to assist auditors with their work. 

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