Fire Safety E-learning

  • IAS

This online course provides an introduction to the essentials of fire safety in the workplace, including the nature of fire, emergency procedures and what you should do if you hear the alarm or a fire is detected. This online course will help your staff to understand the causes of fire and the methods of preventing fire.

This e-learning course is designed for managers, supervisors, fire marshalls, and all staff who may be involved in a fire emergency. It would also be ideal for an employer who needs to train all of their staff providing a more cost-effective alternative to face-to-face training.

This introductory e-learning course is split into a number of small digestible parts with interaction and a range of multimedia content throughout. The course covers the following areas:

  • What is fire?
  • What are the causes of fire?
  • The fire triangle
  • Methods of fire prevention
  • Fire evacuation and procedures
Highly recommend Maxine Targett, 21/03/2018

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Really enjoyed my experience and will be back for more training shortly.

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