How Long Does an Online IOSH Managing Safely Course Take To Complete?

IOSH By Matthew Coombes

The IOSH Managing Safely course is an ideal qualification for managers, team leaders and supervisors across the world that have a responsibility for the management of health and safety within the workplace. It’s also a great first step to take if you want to learn more if you are looking to get into a career in health and safety.

ACT have been delivering the IOSH Managing Safely course in the classroom and as self-directed e-learning for many years, and recently we have developed the course to be delivered via Zoom as a tutor-led virtual course.

How long does the course take?:

It takes around 22 hours to complete an IOSH Managing Safely course. This amount will differ depending on each individual, the time that you can attribute to completing the course, and the route of study that you have chosen.


Health and Safety training online is a great method of learning for those that want to develop their skills but don’t have enough time or flexibility to attend a set date classroom course. The 22 hours of study for a Managing Safely course can be completed with a couple of hours work a week, and the course works particularly well if your employer is able to give you some time each day to work through your course during your working hours.

The best way to approach the e-learning course is to properly plan out what time you will be able to attribute to working through the course materials, and attribute this time to be specifically for studying the course. It can be difficult to make the time in a busy schedule for personal development, but you would be surprised at what you can achieve with 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour of learning per day.

You can find out more about our IOSH Managing Safely e-learning course here, or watch our informational video below.

Virtual Classroom:

Delivered online over 3 days via video conferencing software, the virtual version of our IOSH Managing Safely course is a great alternative to classroom and e-learning training. You get all of the benefits of a tutor-led course, but there’s no requirement to travel to a venue. Just connect from home with a suitable device in a quiet space and you’re good to go.
We have had a lot of positive feedback for our virtual courses, our customers have found that Zoom is easy to use, and an effective way to develop essential health and safety skills without the need for travel.
We have further information on our virtual training course available here.

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