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AUDIT CHECKLISTS - Management Systems HSG65

Use the Management Systems - HSG65 checklists to confirm the status of your organisation’s compliance with regard to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance HSG 65 “Effective health and safety management”.

With regular use of these Management Systems - HSG65 audit checklists organisations will identify their strengths and weaknesses, determine their overall compliance with this industry best practice standard and ensure control.  This will enable effective management of health and safety. 

This audit tool is immediately available for purchase and use.

Students conducting the NEBOSH National Diploma in Health and Safety Unit D assignment will find these checklists particularly useful when conducting a review of their management system.

These valuable audit checklist publications comprise workbooks to record findings/actions and accompanying guidance to aid audit assessment and decision making.  The unique progressive evaluation and scoring system makes the checklists easy to use.  The style encourages acceptance of findings and implementation of improvement actions.  The user friendly form design and guidance supports the audit process.  Use of these checklists will maximise speed of audit preparation, simplify analysis and aid report creation.

Because the Management systems - HSG65 checklists are general in nature they will appeal to those that work in all disciplines, including utilities, distribution, retail, government organisations, health care, transport, construction and manufacturing – what ever size of organisation.


Important features that auditors appreciate about these checklist publications:

  • Structure and content reflect industry best practice requirements – provides confidence that your management system complies to HSE guidance expectations
  • Valuable strategic insight – checklist requirements analyse the critical aspects that make health and safety work
  • Provide readily available comprehensive strategic audit tool – enables auditors to quickly deliver audits with the minimum of preparation
  • Excellent visual approach – helps auditor quickly identify audit criteria being considered and progress of the audit process
  • Guides evidence gathering and verification – guides the auditor towards evidence that provides verification of the effectiveness of the management system
  • Confirms the actual level of performance – with the progressive evaluation and scoring real achievement is recognised
  • Sample user guide – designed to help you quickly get the best out of this effective audit format
  • Separate audit workbook and guidance – enables the guidance publication to be retained, only the workbook is used up during the audit, making the use of these checklists very cost effective.

In addition, this publication provides an excellent reference for all those with management responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.  The checklists and guidance can be used to indicate what an effective organisation should have in place for the strategic management of health and safety.  It will provide a valuable health and safety resources for those looking for information, support and advice to enable them to function better in their role.

If you have an interest in auditing the supplementary systems and procedures for the Management of Health and Safety Risk series of checklists would be appropriate and useful. The series of checklists, Audit 123 – Health and safety in the workplace, that focus on general health and safety matters that affect all organisations would provide structure and guidance to your audits. 

Whatever your need related to audit checklists please talk to us and we will do our best to help.

Management Systems HSG65 Guidance

Management Systems HSG65 Guidance

The accompanying Management Systems – HSG65 checklists guidance aids audit assessment and decision making.

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Management Systems HSG65 Workbook

Management Systems HSG65 Workbook

By recording findings and actions, the Management Systems – HSG65 checklists workbook aids the confirmation of the status of an organisation’s compliance with regard to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on effective management of health

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