NEBOSH National Health and Well-being Certificate


The NEBOSH Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work provides a broad understanding of health and well-being issues that affect workplaces and enables the risks that arise to be managed effectively.
The qualification teaches persons responsible for the management of health and well-being in the workplace the relationship between health and work, showing how health effects work, and how work effects health. Knowing how physical, mental and common health problems can effect workers is a key part of understanding your responsibilities as a manager, employer or business. This qualification also covers the UK legislation relating to the management of health and well-being, such as the Equality Act (2010) and fitness for work.

Unit NHC1
Managing health and well-being in the workplace
Unit NHC2
Health and well-being practical application
Study Time
5 day course + optional written exam tutorial
Available Learning Routes
Classroom Course, In-House

No previous health and well-being knowledge is required and it is an excellent course for:

• Managers, supervisors and worker representatives
• Human resources (HR) personnel & the management of people
• Those responsible for health and well-being strategies and reviews in the workplace looking to tackle health and wellbeing
• Health personnel that wish to obtain a better understanding of occupational health and well-being
• Occupational health and safety practitioners that wish to improve or refresh their understanding of health and well-being

The NEBOSH National Health and Well-being Certificate covers the main legal requirements for involvement in the health and well-being in the UK, the identification and management of related risk, and the practical application of this knowledge in the form of day-to-day duties. This is reflected in the two units that comprise the qualification, Unit NHC1 Managing Health and Well-Being in the Workplace and Unit NHC2 Health and Well-being practical application.

The elements of NHC1 are detailed below:

Element 1
Introduction to workplace health
Element 2
Effects of health on work
Element 3
Effects of work on health
Element 4
Management of attendance
Element 5
Mental health at work
Element 6
Management of people with musculoskeletal disorders
Element 7
Workplace health promotion
Element 8
Workplace health support

The qualification is divided into two units, each of which is assessed separately. Unit NCH1 is assessed by one written examination Unit NHC2 is a work-based practical examination.

All units must be successfully completed within 5 years to achieve the full NEBOSH National Certificate.

Course 1 2020

Optional Tutorials
Unit NHC1/2
10-14 Feb
26 Feb
04 Mar
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NEBOSH General Certificate Chris Gillham

The subject matter knowledge is excellent and examples are relevant to the course. The approach is relaxed and very grown up and encourages all to interject and add additional depth to the subject.

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