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This course is also available in the classroom, and online via live video conferencing.

The construction industry is one of the UK’s largest industries in the UK brining in billions of pounds and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) is held by over 20,000 professionals in the construction industry and contributes towards keeping those working in construction safe on site.

The course has been fully updated with a new specification and is ideal for those already working in construction, managing construction sites, or those looking to start a career in construction safety.

Why choose to learn online?

Learning online is a great way to learn at your own pace and in your own time. It’s a great option for those that have limited time available to study, or who are looking to access affordable training.

ACT are a Gold Standard NEBOSH learning Partner and we have been delivering NEBOSH training since 1991. We are confident that our e-learning course can help you to develop your understanding of construction safety and pass your assessment.

Course features

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Course duration

  • It takes 3-8 months to complete this course
  • This product provides you with a 12-month course license

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Why take the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK)?

Every construction site within the UK has a legal responsibility to manage health and safety and those that hold this qualification can help to manage risks to contribute towards ensuring that the workplace is a safe place to be.

In four bullet points this course…:

  • Improves your understanding of legislation and best practice
  • Provides you with practical skills that you can apply to your workplace
  • Helps you to understand how you can positively influence attitudes towards safety at work
  • Enables you to obtain a widely recognised and respected qualification

Who is this course for?

The NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) is accredited by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), it is a widely recognised qualification which is ideal for:

  • Construction site managers
  • Contracts managers
  • On-site workers who are responsible for H&S
  • Health and safety advisors

Contents of this course

Unit NC1: Managing construction safely

  • Element 1 – The foundations of construction health and safety
  • Element 2 – Improving health and safety culture and assessing
  • Element 3 – Managing change and procedures
  • Element 4 – Excavation
  • Element 5 – Demolition
  • Element 6 – Mobile plant and vehicles
  • Element 7 – Working at height
  • Element 8 – Musculoskeletal health and load handling
  • Element 9 – Work equipment
  • Element 10 – Electricity
  • Element 11 – Fire
  • Element 12 – Chemical and biological agents
  • Element 13 – Physical and psychological health


This NEBOSH certificate is assessed with one Open Book Examination (OBE). This assessment is completed online in your own home, workplace or a suitable environment.
The OBE consists of a question paper which is downloaded from NEBOSH and completed over a 48-hour period.
The assessment includes a scenario-based question paper and a risk assessment completed at the computer based on a realistic workplace provided by NEBOSH.

Please note: Assessments for this course are booked separately because different learners progress at different speeds.
We will provide you with a plan to help you progress through the course content which includes an optional assessment paper which is marked by one of our tutors, and provides you with NEBOSH style feedback before you tackle the real deal.

If you have any questions about assessments, we recommend that you contact our team who will be happy to help.
Phone: 01384 447915

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