Diploma Unit B/IB Revision Guide (2015 Specification)


Key Points

This Essential Revision Guide provides a concise overview of the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety – Unit B and IB Hazardous Substances and Agents (combined).

Designed as an accompaniment to our full textbook, this guide provides key points from the NEBOSH Diploma 2015 syllabus in a concise format. The guide provides a great way to revise and confirm understanding in a handheld, easily portable format.

The National and International units B/IB have over 90% commonality in their syllabuses. Therefore we have published combined guides for these units whereby the small number of differences is denoted by the use of different coloured text.

  • A summary of the learning outcomes is given for each element.
  • Important diagrams are included throughout.
  • There is a final section to advise on the preparation for the examination which includes guidance related to the NEBOSH command words, exam technique and a useful revision checklist.

Using other textbooks or studying with a different course provider? These revision guides will still be a great tool as they follow the NEBOSH syllabus.

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