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This bundle of basic health and safety courses is a great way to ensure that your organisation is providing health and safety training that meets the legal requirement for inductions.
Our interactive e-learning courses are designed to be approachable interactive, and easy to understand. Providing staff members with induction level courses is a great way to provide staff with the vital knowledge they need to minimise risks in the workplace, by contributing to their own safety, and the safety of others.

Bundle includes the following 5 courses:

  • Manual Handling – Manual handling training is a must across all sectors. Improperly lifting something that you think may be light, such as a box of books, files or anything of unknown weight can potentially cause serious musculoskeletal damage.
  • Fire Safety – Fire risks must be managed in any workplace, and this awareness level fire courses is a great way to teach staff the basics of fire safety.
  • Display Screen Equipment – The regular and prolonged use of screens within workplaces has become more and more common wit the advancement of technology, but not working ergonomically and with a properly set up workstation can have a harmful effect on the user.
  • iAS Asbestos Awareness – Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that can be found commonly in homes and workplaces across the UK that were constructed prior to the year 2000. When asbestos is disturbed the fibers can become airborne, and when inhaled can lead to serious conditions such as asbestos and lung cancers.
  • Health and Safety Induction – This induction course covers all of the key basics of health and safety that should be included in a workplace induction such as incident, accident and hazard reporting, safety signs and emergency and fire arrangements.

Designed for:

This bundle is ideal for those that require a basic understanding of health and safety that applies to many workplaces across the UK.
Employers in any sector may benefit greatly from the ability to train multiple members of staff with multiple awareness and induction level courses under one easy to purchase bundle.
As an employer you need to ensure that you are meeting your legal responsibilities to provide induction training that is suitable for your workplace.


All assessments are completed online at the end of each course.


Certificates are provided digitally upon successful completion of the course assessment. They are accredited by iAS, and can be saved, printed and downloaded.

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