Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Guidance Volume 2 of 2

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Key Points

This Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace – Volume 2 audit guidance publication accompanies the corresponding Audit 123 Level 1 Health and Safety in the Workplace workbook, providing auditor’s guidance to aid in depth analysis, assessment and decision making during audits, reviews and gap analysis.

The searching approach driven by this detailed guidance puts under scrutiny the risk control systems that lead to good workplace health and safety.  Enabling audits to identify the underlying aspects of good management that lead to compliance or analytically identifying the symptoms of ineffective management after an incident.

This guidance enables auditors to rapidly come to a conclusion on detailed analysis of the status of an organisation’s legal compliance, management of health and safety and control of specific risks.  It will assist in identifying gaps in compliance and the action needed to make improvements.

It will also provide a valuable resources for those looking for information, support and advice to enable them to implement risk control systems for workplace health and safety that meet good practice and legal compliance.

The auditor guidance for this audit package is in two volumes, each is designed to accompanying the appropriate checklist workbook in this package.

Volume 2, this volume, provides auditor guidance on the validation of the implementation of the risk control systems for the variety of risks found in the workplace.

Volume 1 provides auditor guidance on the validation of the procedures and systems in place and the compliance of the organisation with appropriate legislation.


This auditors’ guidance has been published to accompany the Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Volume 2 workbook, providing a framework to assist in evaluating requirements set out in the workbook.  This user friendly guidance supports the audit process and means the workbook checklists are easy to use.

The reference numbers in the guidance publication correspond with those contained in the workbook. Each page of the guidance is divided into two parts, describing the health and safety requirements and what should be considered by an auditor when assessing the degree to which the requirement has been met. This guides auditor decision making, enabling audits to be comprehensive and consistent.

The level of compliance being demonstrated by the organisation naturally flows from the audit process.

This auditors’ guidance publication focuses on the risk control systems required for workplace health and safety.  In particular, it considers requirements for legal compliance, management of health and safety and control of specific risks.

The structure of this level 2 guidance follows that of the similar Audit 123 publication at level 1, but in a more detailed format. Each requirement set out in the level 1 publication is broken down into the component parts that make it effective, which enables closer examination of the organisation and its risk control systems.  This allows level 2 audit checklists to act as a diagnostic tool and support the improvement of resource management.

The publication is wire bound for ease of use, printed in colour and 170 pages:

Audit 123 Level 2 Volume 2

Section 3      – Environment

Section 4      – Equipment

Section 5      – Materials Handling

Section 6      – Facilities

Section 7      – Special Risks

Section 8      – External

Section 9      – Environment – Offices

Section 10    – Facilities – Offices

Section 11    – Special Risks – Offices

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Audit 123 Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Guidance Volume 2 of 2

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