Audit 123 – ISO 9001 Workbook

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Key Points

This Audit 123 checklist workbook is based on the information provided in the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems, assisting organisations in achieving and confirming conformity with ISO 9001. It is designed to suit all levels and sizes of organisation, from small single units to large global organisations, in the UK and internationally.

The workbook can be used to conduct internal audits, gap analysis, external audits or to provide a route map to conformity with ISO 9001, covering clauses like Leadership, Planning, Operational processes and Performance evaluation.

The workbook provides an assessment of the policy and processes that are in place to determine if they conform to ISO 9001 requirements for a quality management system.

By recording findings, nonconformities and actions, the workbook confirms the extent to which the management system conforms with the ISO 9001 standard and the degree of success in implementing the system.

Separate checklist guidance has been published to accompany this workbook and guide auditor decision making, enabling audits to be comprehensive and consistent.

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