Who Can The IOSH Managing Safely Course Benefit?

IOSH By Matthew Coombes

The IOSH Managing Safely course is a highly regarded international health and safety award, held by thousands of people worldwide across a variety of industries.

What are some of the general benefits of managing safely?:
A good health and safety culture in an organisation can lead to greater productivity in the workplace, with less hours being lost due to sickness and accidents. To get staff involved in health and safety in a way that is beneficial to productivity and safety, training courses such as IOSH Managing Safely are ideal. From manager to worker, learning the essentials of health and safety is a great way to get staff involved in working towards a safer working environment, no matter your job title.

Who can benefit from the IOSH Managing Safely course?:

Managers/supervisors/team leaders:

The broad range of knowledge offered in the IOSH Managing Safely course makes it a great choice for managers and other team leaders. The changing modern workplace makes it more and more necessary that managers are equipped with the tools that they need to ensure that anyone they work alongside is safe from harm while at work.
The IOSH Managing Safely course teaches important health and safety skills such as how to assess and control risks, how to investigate incidents (which when performed properly has been shown to reduce accidents re-occurring) and how to measure your performance as you develop your health and safety processes. A key aspect of the Managing Safely course is that it teaches you how to understand your own responsibilities in the workplace, and how understanding the relationship between the law and health and safety is an integral part of a manager’s responsibility.


You don’t have to be a manager to benefit from an IOSH Managing Safely course. The units of this course are designed to give you the knowledge and skills to manage health and safety risks, providing you with the tools to identify and understand what could reasonably be expected to cause harm within your workplace. This means that you can potentially identify hazards in order to bring them to the attention of your manager before they can cause harm. The IOSH Managing Safely course also provides a good basis of study if you are looking to move on to other health and safety qualifications.

We offer this course as both a classroom course and an e-learning course:

IOSH Managing Safely Classroom Course:

Our classroom option is a 3-day course taught by a fully qualified tutor with relevant experience in the field of health and safety. They will teach you all 11 units of the Managing Safely course and help to point you in the right direction for completing your assessment.

IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning:

Learning online is a little different, you work through the materials at your own pace, until you are ready for your assessment. Your multiple-choice exam is taken online whenever you feel ready, and your practical risk assessment can be completed in your own workplace and submitted on to our e-learning platform. You can contact one of our tutors through the online platform should you need help with anything.

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