What Is Involved In The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness Course?

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Every individual, sole trader and company is working hard to do their bit for the environment these days, whether they have set carbon emissions targets or they simply want to make the world a greener place. 

Not only does it have financial advantages and environmental benefits, but it also makes the brand more appealing to clients and customers, increasing business in the long-run. 

Therefore, it is prudent to enrol staff on the NEBOSH course entitled Environmental Awareness At Work, as this helps to keep employees up to date with systems and strategies that will reduce the company’s carbon outgoings, help them reach net zero, and reduce their energy expenditure. 

What can you expect from the program?

This course will include content on environmental foundations, pollution and sustainability, environmental management systems, environmental noise, waste management, and dealing with environmental emergencies. 

It can be offered both in-person or virtually, with the former being provided to whole teams at once, ensuring all members of staff are working towards the same goal. 

Alternatively, it can be attended virtually through a video conference, which allows workers to complete the course when they are able to fit it in their schedule. This means those who would not have the opportunity to receive in-house training can still benefit from the education. 

Will the content be relevant to specific companies?

Although it is useful for all businesses to have an understanding of environmental challenges, targets, and new systems that could improve their green credentials, the content can also be tailored to each company.

Therefore, as well as learning general information about environmental awareness, staff can learn information that relates directly to their area of work, including their whole industry. This will give them a better idea of the role they personally can play in reaching the company’s environmental objectives.

Is the course assessed?

To make sure everyone who attends fully takes the content on board, it is followed by an assessment. 

This is conducted as a 30-minute test with multiple choice questions. Attendees can complete this online within 24 hours of finishing their training. 

The assessment is designed to inform organisers of how well the course was given and whether people took the information in effectively, as well as to determine if attendees can receive a pass mark.

Those who do answer enough questions correctly will receive a parchment with their pass within 20 working days. 

Does the course count towards a certificate?

Managers and team leaders who want to enhance their environmental knowledge even more and progress their skills can go on to study for the NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate.

Attending this course provides solid foundations for this qualification, allowing them to build on their base knowledge as they continue their professional development. 

This certificate includes content on assessing environmental aspects; controlling emissions, contamination of water sources, and environmental noise; and different sources of energy, among many other topics. 

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