The Benefits of the CITB Training Course

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CITB – the Construction Training Industry Board – supports the British construction industry in as many ways as possible, and offering exceptional training programmes is one of the ways in which they do it. Taking a CITB training course means you can be sure of getting the exact knowledge you need in order to further your career and get where you want to in life.

CITB’s Aims

CITB’s biggest aim is to ensure that talent and skills are not lost to the construction industry. The better the construction industry, the better Britain can be built. This can be done through ensuring that CITB’s extensive range of knowledge, as well as the resources it has at its disposal, are used to create a workforce that is able to withstand any pressures and deal with any challenges that might come its way. When this happens, the workforce becomes a world-class one.

CITB also promotes the construction industry in order to attract the brightest young talents and does this by detailing just why this particular industry is an exciting and rewarding one to be a part of. By showcasing the side of construction that might not otherwise be seen, those looking for a new career might spot something that hadn’t thought of before.

Training across the construction industry could be rather haphazard and sometimes wasn’t overly effective. One of CITB’s aims is to check over construction industry training and ascertain just what is working well and what needs to be changed. This means that anyone entering the industry can be sure that they are learning useful skills rather than bad habits.

Plus, CITB aims to research and analyse the construction industry by listening to those involved most deeply in it. This way they can stay on top of the changing needs of the sector and ensure that it remains exceptional.

CITB’s Partners

As with any organisation that oversees such a large area, CITB cannot do it all entirely alone which is why is has a number of partners. The main partnerships are with The Construction Industry Council (CIC) and CITB Northern Ireland. Together with CITB, these two bodies form the SSCC – the Sector Skills Council for Construction (which is also known as Construction Skills).

What Will Be Learned On A CITB Training Course?

Construction is such a broad ranging sector that there are a number of different courses you can take which will give you the knowledge, training, and qualifications that you need to move forward in your construction career. Courses include:

  • Healthy and safety
  • Environment training
  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Management
  • Scaffolding and access
  • Street works and deep excavations

What you need will depend on which area of construction you are working in, or where you want to go next. Each training course will be led by highly qualified instructors and the courses are given the backing of CITB even if they are carried out in an external centre.

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