NEBOSH Qualifications: Boosting Your Salary

Careers By Matthew Coombes

To understand how a NEBOSH qualification can boost your salary, you first need to have an understanding of how health and safety can be so beneficial to begin with.

Why do all businesses need health and safety?

There is an intrinsic demand for health and safety expertise, not just because companies are legally obligated to manage health and safety, but also because effective management of health and safety saves money!

Any established new, or expanding business will need to have health and safety on their agenda if they want to keep their workers out of the hospital, their production uninterrupted, and keep themselves out of court.

That’s where health and safety training comes in. Taking a NEBOSH health and safety course online can provide you with all of the skills and expertise that you need in order to effectively manage risks; whether that’s to health and safety, fire safety, the environment, or in a construction setting.

There’s a reason that we’ve been offering NEBOSH training courses since 1991 – they’re the gold standard of health and safety training courses.

How can taking a NEBOSH qualification boost your salary?

NEBOSH qualifications are world renowned as some of the most robust health and safety qualifications. The vast majority of employers who are looking to hire for a health and safety position require candidates to hold a NEBOSH qualification.

Holding a NEBOSH Certificate qualification can really help your chances when it comes to getting a job in health and safety, right from the offset.

Risk management is a skillset not just a way of working

NEBOSH qualifications focus on risk management for many different topics. They take a risk management approach to problem solving, which means making a conscious effort to calculate the risks, understand them, and provide cost effective solutions. This level of problem solving is highly diverse, and can be applied outside of health and safety to other types of risk management with a little bit of training or effort to bridge the gap.

Many of our learners don’t stop with just one NEBOSH qualification, they often diversify their skillset into areas like fire or environmental risk management, depending on what their career goals are.

When applying for a managerial level position, having a risk management qualification can really help your chances. Not only will you be able to understand how to keep people safe, but also what’s realistic to the company.

Qualifications can confirm your experience

For some people, a NEBOSH qualification can make all the difference to their career because it provides an opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge in a form that is standardised and measurable.

Having a qualification is by no means a requirement to have a successful career in health and safety, because experience can often speak for itself, but many professionals feel like holding a NEBOSH qualification is a good way to confirm their understanding, both for themselves and for potential employers.

This can give you the confidence boost that you need to go for that higher paid job, a new position, or even to take on more responsibilities.

Starting salary

Health and safety is a constantly evolving way of working, and the demand for new professionals in the industry is still there.

Anecdotally, I’ve seen health and safety roles advertised locally to me with a £23,000 starting salary that don’t require candidates to hold any experience – just a NEBOSH qualification, a willingness to learn, and a passion for health and safety.

Inversely, after completing a full 3-year degree and obtaining a BSc in Psychology, I struggled to even be considered for £17,000 per annum Psychological assistant roles.
I can’t think of any other sector where you can achieve a short qualification (one which is the equivalent of an A-level), and be able to access a job role that’s paid over £18,000.

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