NEBOSH Environmental Awareness has gone online!

Environment By Matthew Coombes

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification has gone online.

NEBOSH have announced that as of January 2022, the NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification is available with an online assessment. This move to an online assessment format means that the course can now be delivered remotely, as a virtual classroom course.

Since the transition of the NEBOSH General Certificate to an Open Book Examination, both learners and trainers have been able to benefit from online training and assessments, especially in a time when meeting up face to face has been impossible.

We spent the majority of the last two years only being able to deliver our training online via video conferencing, and we have seen how our learners can benefit from accessing a tutor-led course from afar. I’ve even attended the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing and NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and met some lovely learners from Yorkshire, Ayrshire, and Canvey Island, all from my front room in Kidderminster, while being taught from London and Carlisle!

Not only is this a fantastic move for learners to access this NEBOSH accredited, one-day environmental course, it’s also going to have a good impact on the environment!
We’ve been offering classroom training for over 30 years, and this has always meant the learners and tutor travelling to a venue to meet up for the training. Sometimes this will mean an overnight stay, but often learners would travel to the venue each day.

By being able to offer this training online, each learner saves time and money that would have been spent commuting so although fossil fuels and renewable energy are still used to get us online, it is nowhere near the same energy as driving.

One online zoom call for 7 people, lasting 7 hours is estimated by Utility Bidder as using around 1.56kWh of electricity, generating 0.36kg of CO2. This is the equivalent to driving around 1.26miles in a petrol car.

“The transition of the Environmental Awareness to an online assessment will be a great benefit to all of our learners who are concerned with environmental issues.” – Ian Coombes, Managing Director of ACT

The new assessment is still an online 30-minute exam, just assessed through the NEBOSH Online Assessment Platform instead of with an in-person exam paper. It’s completed within a 24-hour window after the course. Once you start you have 30 minutes to complete the multi-choice exam. The platform is really simple to use, and where applicable NEBOSH offer guidance on accessing and completing your assessment which will be provided to you ahead of time or on the day by the tutor.

We’re looking forward to delivering this training online to learners across the world.
Visit our dedicated webpage to find out more about the NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work.

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