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IOSH By Matthew Coombes

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When looking at any kind of occupational training, the option to learn online is becoming increasingly more successful and accessible. But when it comes to the health and safety industry, what kind of training is on offer, and how does it differ to traditional classroom training?

How does E-Learning work?

At ACT we use online health and safety training to provide our e-learning courses. To access your course materials, you simply put your login details into the platform and click on the course that you have purchased. This then brings up the course materials for you to work through, the course materials are often linear in structure so you work at your own pace, unit by unit, until you have completed the course.

How does this differ from a classroom course?

With E-learning the only limitation is how much time you can dedicate to studying. When learning in a classroom you’re led by a tutor, but you have to keep pace with the tutor and the rest of the class. When learning online you set your own pace and work through the materials bit by bit. If you haven’t quite got your head around a subject then you can focus on that subject and move on when you feel you’ve developed your understanding. If you’re experienced in self directed study, or are good at self-motivating, then e-learning is a  flexible option to learn new things.

What online courses do we offer?

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Our awareness courses are designed to provide basic skills and knowledge that employees require to work safely. Our range of awareness courses includes:

Health and Safety induction

– A basic health and safety course that is designed to provide an induction for new staff. It covers key health and safety topics such as health and safety law and responsibilities, emergency and fire arrangements, Personal Protective Equipment and more.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

– Our DSE course makes individuals aware of how they can work with Display Screen Equipment (which includes a lot of common office technology) properly, for example how to manage your posture and your workstation to avoid musculoskeletal disorders.

Fire awareness

– Fires can be hugely devastating to any organisation, and not everyone is aware of the circumstances that can lead to a fire starting. Teaching your employees the basics of fire safety can be a huge benefit to a company.

Manual Handling Awareness

– Manual handling is a hugely important part of just about every modern workplace. Improperly lifting objects can have serious and lasting affects on employees, especially if the objects are heavy or awkward. This manual handling awareness course is designed to teach employees how to properly approach lifting a load, and how to lift non-complex loads correctly.

We are able to offer bespoke awareness level courses for companies at an arranged cost, and manager’s accounts to track employee progress for multiple purchases.



The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a chartered body and membership organisation for health and safety professionals. We are approved by IOSH to offer the IOSH Working Safely, and IOSH Managing Safely qualifications. IOSH qualifications are approachable, applicable to a vast majority of workplaces, and globally recognised. We’ve had thousands of students take our IOSH courses in the classroom and online, and with the online content being based directly off the classroom course, why not study from the comfort of your own home?

IOSH Working Safely

– The Working Safely qualification applies to any level, in any sector, and meets the government’s guidelines for introductory health and safety training. It’s a great way to get employees up to speed when it comes to understanding health and safety issues. The course is completely online from start to finish; all the learning materials  are provided on the e-learning platform, and it is assessed by a multiple choice question exam, and a hazard spotting and control measures exercise that you complete digitally.

IOSH Managing Safely

– Managing Safely is a internationally recognised and trusted qualification in health and safety. It provides managers and workers with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to effectively manage health and safety risks within their organisation. It teaches you what your responsibilities are within your workplace, and how to identify, assess and control risks to health and safety. We have had thousands of students take our IOSH managing safely course, both in the classroom and online, and in that time we have developed our online platform to be user friendly and approachable. You work through each module of the course and can track your progress online. We also offer a manager’s account which allows you to monitor any employee’s progress through this course remotely.


The National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) are a widely recognised governing body in the health and safety industry. We are a gold standard learning partner, this means that we offer training and support that is of the highest standard. We are also an approved NEBOSH distance learning provider, so you can rest assured that our online courses are fully NEBOSH accredited. NEBOSH courses are widely sought after as a requirement for jobs in the health and safety industry, and successfully achieving a NEBOSH qualification will fully prepare you to identify and manage hazards and risks in the workplace. NEBOSH E-Learning is a little different to other e-learning courses; exam assessments are booked separately and completed in person at an examination center (We run our exams four times a year, at four locations across the UK) and there is often a work-based risk assessment that you will complete in a workplace environment, and upload to our e-learning platform. Exams are done in person to ensure that the courses are properly monitored, certificated, and avoid fraudulent behaviour.

NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

– The NEBOSH General Certificate is held by over 200,000 people. It is the gold standard in health and safety qualifications and it has been designed to reflect the needs of the modern workplace. The qualification centers on teaching you everything that you need to know, and everything that you need to do to make your workplace a safer environment.

NEBOSH International General Certificate

The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is similar to the General Certificate, but with more focus on international standards. It provides a broad understanding of the health and safety issues that affect all types of organisations and enables risks to be managed effectively. As well as covering a range of workplace hazards and methods of control, it includes reference to international standards relating to the management of health and safety at work.

NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

– The NEBOSH Fire Certificate focuses on the foundations of health and safety itself, fire safety, and fire risk management. The course is an ideal way to gain the understanding that you need to ensure that your organisation is meeting it’s fire safety responsibilities. Fire safety training such as the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management is an important step towards preventing fires, and in turn potential loss of life and assets.

NEBOSH National Construction Certificate

Held by over 20,000 people, the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety is a widely recognised and firmly established health and safety qualification for the construction industry. The course has been designed to help you to identify, assess and control a wide range of construction workplace hazards.
The course covers the main legal requirements for health and safety in the UK and encourages an active approach to managing risks.

NEBOSH National Diploma

The NEBOSH National Diploma is the UK’s top NEBOSH qualification. It is an ideal qualification to hold for those seeking a successful career in the health and safety industry and as such it is held by over 18,000 people worldwide. This qualification provides an excellent understanding of a wide range of occupational safety and health risks, how they can be managed effectively, and explores the relevant UK legislation.
NEBOSH recommend that those looking to take this course have already completed a NEBOSH General Certificate or equivalent.


UKATA Asbestos awareness – The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) asbestos awareness is a widely recognised certificate that shows you are aware of asbestos and the effects that asbestos can have. All persons working in any capacity within a building built before the ban on asbestos as a construction material in the year 2000 should have awareness of asbestos.

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