How Having A NEBOSH Qualification Can Help Your Career

Nebosh By Andy Taylor

Whether you are an employee, manager, supervisor or looking for a more specific career in health and safety, a NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Safety and Health) qualification can be both very useful in your day to day work, ensuring that you and your employees or colleagues are as safe as possible at work, but also give you additional skills to put on your CV.

If you are an employer, leader, union rep, work in HR or occupational health or in the gas, oil or construction industries, some of the NEBOSH qualifications can be very useful in your daily work as well as ensuring that your business complies with health and safety regulations.

For people who are looking for a career in health and safety, NEBOSH qualifications can go along way in giving you the knowledge that you would need for your career. They would keep you up to date with the current regulations and give you the vocational qualifications that you would need for a career in health and safety and environmental practice and management.

NEBOSH Qualifications

Regardless of whether you want to have some health and safety knowledge for your job or you want to work in the area of health and safety, there is a NEBOSH qualification which can help you, give you the information that you need to be able to do your job properly, as well as show that you have a serious interest in health and safety, can apply yourself to study an outside award or qualification, and make you more attractive as a candidate for a job.

NEBOSH has a range of healthy and safety-based awards and qualifications, each being suitable for different people, in different situations.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is a great start for anyone who has an interest in health and safety – whether as a career or as part of their job. This qualification gives a good basis for both those looking to pursue a career in health and safety or will have some sort of health and safety responsibility in their workplace.

If you want a career in health and safety

If you are looking to start or build on a career in health and safety, some of the NEBOSH qualifications which could heal you, include:

  • Fastrack to the NEBOSH National Construction Certificate – can be done by anyone who has done the NEBOSH National General Certificate recently and looks at various health and safety aspects of the construction site, as well as into health and safety law in construction.
  • NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is recognised globally as a necessary qualification for people looking for a career in health and safety. It builds on the knowledge gained from the NEBOSH National General Certificate and this is, therefore, a requirement to do the diploma.

If you want to boost your career and use your health and safety knowledge in the workplace

If you’re not specifically wanting to have a career in health and safety, but are an employer, manager or supervisor who needs to have a basic understanding of health and safety, there are a number of NEBOSH courses which would be appropriate for you. These include:

If you are looking for sector-specific qualifications

Some sectors have specific health and safety regulations which they must follow, and which need a certain amount of specific knowledge.

  • NEBOSH International Gas and Oil Certificate – Designed to supplement the NEBOSH National General Certificate or NEBOSH International General Certificate, giving industry-specific information for those with responsibilities in the gas and oil sectors.

It is clear to see that there is a whole range of NEBOSH qualifications which can help you to get to where you want to be in your career – whether it is in health and safety, or as an employer or leader. It’s just a case of choosing one!

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