Changes to the NEBOSH Diplomas

Industry News By Andy Taylor

At the end of 2015 NEBOSH released their revised syllabus for the NEBOSH National and International Diploma. The current NEBOSH Diploma syllabi have been in existence since 2010 and were due for their quinquennial update. NEBOSH has consulted a wide range of students, employers and course providers to make sure that the updates meet industry needs.

What has changed?

  • More alignment between the National and International Diploma content
  • Unit D and ID has been replaced with Unit DNI, a common unit
  • Additional content on the role of the health and safety professional
  • Greater emphasis is placed on the leadership skills required to influence organisational change
  • The opportunity to apply knowledge to practical situations has been expanded

Important dates

  • September 2016 – by this date all Diploma courses should be taught based on the new syllabus
  • January and July 2017 – these examination dates will test only content that is common to both the current and new specification

How is ACT reacting to these changes?

We are working hard to update all of our course materials to ensure that we meet NEBOSH deadlines. ACT has authored and published (as RMS Publishing, a captive publishing organisation) study guides in support of the Diploma qualifications and these are due to be completed with the new syllabi updates by July 2016 along with our PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans.

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