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Safety Groups UK and Construction Dust Partnership Free Seminar

Safety Groups UK and Construction Dust Partnership Free Seminar

In April, IOSH and The Construction Dust Partnership released the highly anticipated results of the construction dust survey which marked an important moment in construction industry research. On Wednesday 8th July, the CDP is partnering with Safety Groups UK to hold a seminar in Hull on the protection of workers from harmful construction dust.

ACT prides itself on being a supporting member of Safety Groups UK and is pleased to promote this free seminar to raise awareness of the risks of construction dust. Breathing in construction dusts can cause a range of illnesses including lung cancer, silicosis, and asthma. Jobs such as carpentry, grinding, and sanding are all high risk if effective control measures aren’t in place.

The seminar will cover a range of topics and activities including:

  • Types of construction dusts and their impact on health
  • How and where workers are exposed
  • Removing dust at source workshop
  • Use of face masks workshop

There will also be an opportunity to discuss any construction dust related issues with experienced industry professionals who will be available throughout the seminar.

To book your place on this seminar call 01482611404 or email