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This PowerPoint presentation produced by RMS Publishing is designed to complement their NEBOSH Certificate in Construction Study Book

As with the NEBOSH Study Book, these PowerPoint presentations reflect the structure and content of the Certificate in Construction syllabus.  They are much sought after by tutors who teach this qualification as they provide structure to their teaching, ensuring that it correctly covers the scope of the syllabus.

These presentations:

  • Save many hours of tutor time.
  • Provide teaching prompts to remind you what needs to be covered.
  • May be used to fulfil part of the NEBOSH criteria for accreditation.
  • May be edited. 

We can even arrange with RMS Publishing to add your logo to ensure the presentation is personalised.  Single and multiple user licences are available at favourable rates. 

Tutors and students like the RMS Publishing PowerPoint presentation for its structure, because it follows the syllabus, and the familiar charts and illustrations contained in the Study Book.  The heading and content structure keeps the tutor and student on track. This aids structure and learning.


Important features that tutors appreciate are that these presentations:

  • Follow the same structure as the RMS Publishing NEBOSH Study Books and NEBOSH syllabus. 
  • Are presented in a clear, attractive visual format.
  • Are editable so you can add your favourite pictures, case studies, exercises.
  • Allow the addition of words or slides from your experience.
  • Allow tailoring to a specific audience
  • Allow you to turn slides off to enable you to cover a topic in a different way.
  • Allow you to add tutor notes and print these off.
  • Allow you to print the presentation as a handout.

They are designed to meet the specific learning outcomes of the NEBOSH Certificate in Construction and therefore comprise of two separate suites of PowerPoint presentations, covering Units NGC1 and NCC1 NEBOSH.  The NEBOSH PowerPoint presentations each follow the NEBOSH syllabus and have been carefully designed to provide coverage of all the main topics. 

Content of the PowerPoint presentations is kept up to date with changes to the NEBOSH syllabus, legislation and good practice standards so you can have piece of mind that this will be identified and updates provided. 


The PowerPoint presentations comprises of a suite of presentations against each element of the two Units NGC1 (5) and NCC1 (12), seventeen in total.

UNIT NGC1 - Management of Health and Safety

  1. Foundations in health and safety
  2. Health and safety management systems 1 - Policy
  3. Health and safety management systems 2 - Organising
  4. Health and safety management systems 3 - Planning
  5. Health and safety management systems 4 - Measuring, audit and review

 UNIT NCC1 – Managing and controlling hazards in construction activities

  1. Construction law and management
  2. Construction site - hazards and control
  3. Movement of people and vehicles – hazards and control
  4. Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
  5. Work equipment - hazards and control
  6. Electrical safety
  7. Fire safety
  8. Chemical and biological - health hazards and control
  9. Physical and psychological - health hazards and control
  10. Working at height – hazards and control
  11. Excavation work and confined spaces – hazards and control
  12. Demolition and deconstruction - hazards and control

 Note: Units NGC1 and NCC1 are available for separate purchase.

The PowerPoint presentation for unit NGC1 “Management of Health and Safety” is common to the NEBOSH general and fire certificates, tutors teaching these awards will want to purchase this unit to accompany their presentation for the general or fire course. Please contact us should you require this option.

Additional licences are available @ £100 + VAT per licence.

After the first 12 months from date of purchase, maintenance/updates are available for an annual fee of £100 per licence.

VAT is added to prices at the applicable rate.

Postage and packaging FOC.

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