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iAS Stress Management

Workers in the UK took an average 5.3 days off work in 2012, according to the 2013 CBI/Pfizer Fit for Purpose survey, with stress, anxiety and depression given as the main causes of absence.

Sick leave is costing the UK economy £14bn a year, the report suggests. So there is a strong financial incentive for businesses to keep their "human capital" as healthy and happy as possible.

Stress management has been included on the health and safety agenda for many years. However, it still seems to be that 'risk assessment' that never makes the risk register as most organisations find the concept of stress related risk assessment and management very difficult.

Admittedly it is not always easy to rate the potential harm caused by stress, also to differentiate between personal and organisational stress and/or pressure.

This is where the Stress Management Course provided by ACT Associates can help your organisation.

Designed for

Anyone. It is especially aimed at people working in a high pressure environment. However its techniques can benefit people from any level, background or industry.


This iAS accredited interactive course is designed to take candidates on a journey that considers the stress management within their own organisation. 

The aim is:

  • To provide the candidates with the relevant legal obligations and case law concerning stress in the workplace
  • To describe the causes and signs of workplace stress
  • To illustrate what potential ill health effects are associated with stress
  • To consider potential methods for combating and relieving stress and:-
  • To produce a personal plan to implement within the company with a view to control and manage stress more effectively

Aims and Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  1. Identify the causes of stress.
  2. Recognise the symptoms of stress both in themselves and work colleagues.
  3. Define the Law concerning stress.
  4. Describe measures to combat stress and stress related illnesses.


Many stress management courses focus on developing individuals 'resilience' or better personal coping mechanisms, however, whilst it has a place, this could be viewed as the Personal Protective Equipment of stress management. This course is aimed at looking at practical changes that can be implemented within organisations to reduce the workplace stress 'risk' to an acceptable level. If applied effectively then any organisation can benefit with the outcomes being less sickness absence, greater productivity, improved communications and a positive reputation as an employer.

There will be the opportunity to look at 'case studies' of good practice and consider the potential for applying this within the candidates own organisation.

The course concludes with a short assessment paper.

Duration: 1 day


07 June 2018

28 September 2018

07 December 2018


Includes iAS assessment, certification and registration fee.

Fees: £159 + VAT per delegate


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