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iAS Principal Designer Certificate


This course is primarily targeted at people working in the key roles as defined in the CDM 2015 updated regulations.

The role of the Principal Designer is critical to the success of construction projects.  The purpose of the role is to co-ordinate the health and safety aspects ofproject design and the initial planning, to help to ensure that the issues are fully addressed and compliance is achieved.  The Principal Designer course provides essential understanding and allows students to develop competence and apply their skills to project safety.

This assessed workshop will include design considerations to reduce risk, construction practice, co-operation and co-ordination of effort, the information pack, the construction phase plan and the health and safety file.

Like every course run by ACT, the iAS Principal Designer Certificate course will be led by expert tutors and accompanied by excellent learning materials.

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Designed for

The iAS Principal Designer course will be of particular interest to those students appointed by a client to perform the function of Principal Designer for compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015.  The course will also be suitable for those construction or health and safety professionals who wish to become a Principal Designer.  It would also be of interest to those project engineers who work with the Principal Designer and need an understanding of this important role. 

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the iAS Principal Designer’s Certificate course is to provide delegates with an understanding of the role of the Principal Designer and make them aware of their responsibilities.

On completion of this course delegates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the content through the application of knowledge in an International Accreditation Society (iAS) written assessment. In particular they should have an:

  • Awareness of the UK legal framework in which the principal designer operates
  • Understanding of the main requirements of CDM 2015
  • Understanding of the role and responsibilities of the principal designer
  • Understanding of the interfaces with other duty holders
  • Understanding of the principles of safety by design and principal designers role in management of the process
  • Understanding of the requirements for a risk assessment process in relation to design
  • Understanding of the requirements to identify and prepare pre-construction information
  • Understanding of the requirements to identify and provide pre-construction information
  • Understanding of the requirements to specify and prepare a health and safety file


  • Outline of UK legal framework in which the principal designer operates
  • CDM 2015 outline – what has changed
  • Delegates’ role to date in CDM and construction design
  • CDM 2015 – responsibilities of duty holders
  • Who is the principal designer?
  • What do you have to do at project set up?
  • What you have to do during pre-construction phase
  • Developing the pre-construction information
  • Risk assessment and the principles of prevention
  • Safety by design
  • What do you have to do during the construction phase
  • Preparing and developing the health and safety file

Duration: 2 days. 


In order to attain the iAS Principal Designer Certificate learning is assessed by an end of course written assessment.  The assessment comprises a range of multi-format questions including short descriptive answer, multiple choice and various tasks relating to the Principal Designer role.


This course is run on an in-house basis. Please contact us to learn more.

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