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iAS Manual Handling Trainers (Incl Refresher)

"Organisations recognise that in-house trainers generate a quick financial payback as well as being more convenient.  You can run the training when it suits, for a duration that is convenient, with a trainer who knows your work activities”.

The Manual Handling Trainer’s Certificate course provides essential understanding, allowing students to develop competence and apply their skills to teaching others good manual handling techniques.

Designed for

The iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Certificate course will be of particular interest to:

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders.
  • Instructors and training officers.
  • Health and safety professionals.
  • Those with responsibility for training others in manual handling techniques.

Please note, this course concentrates mainly on movement of inanimate loads making it particularly suitable for sectors such as manufacturing, office, retail, construction, distribution, transport and logistics. 

The course focuses on the extension of training skills to enable students to teach good manual handling techniques.  Therefore students should be comfortable with training others, though no formal qualification is required.  Students may attend the ACT Academy CIEH Training Skills and Practice course to attain confidence in training and a recognised qualification before attending this one.

An understanding of manual handling assessments would be an advantage and it is recommended that students attend the ACT Academy Manual Handling Assessment course or similar prior to attending this one.

Students must have sufficient physical mobility and capability to enable them to carry out the manual handling exercises.


This course is designed to impart the necessary specialist knowledge and skills, in an understandable and practical way.  This is done in an efficient and effective manner (within three days) by limiting the number of students on this intensive course to six.

This highly participative manual handling trainer course is a practically based series of sessions using tutorials, practical exercises, structured observation and discussion. The practical emphasis of the course and the high tutor to student ratio provide a unique opportunity for a substantial degree of individual participation, guidance and training.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s course is to provide delegates with the additional knowledge and skill to carry out effective manual handling techniques training of others.

On completion of the programme students will:

  • Know the principles related to manual handling risks in the workplace and their relationship to teaching good manual handling techniques.
  • Know the structure and function of the spine, causes of back pain, a basic understanding of the biomechanics of the spine, know how soft tissue and other parts of the body can be affected by manual handling – sufficient to provide the underpinning knowledge for the theoretical and practical aspects of manual handling training.
  • Know the theory of good manual handling.
  • Be able to translate the theory of good manual handling into the practice of efficient movement and biomechanical principles by their application to manual handling activities.
  • Train others in the theory of manual handling hazards, risks and good technique – including by classroom presentations and small group/one-to-one explanation.

Train others in the skill of good manual handling technique, including by the use of demonstration, explanation, observation and coaching.

Duration:  3 days. 


In order to attain the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s award learning is assessed by continuous assessment, multiple choice questions and a micro-teach assessment.

Successful students will be awarded the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Certificate to recognise their achievement and a licence card containing their photograph (valid for 3 years).  In addition, they will be added to the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Register.  Students must attend an iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Refresher course within 3 months of the expiry of the licence in order to be maintained on the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Register.

Refresher course

Manual Handling Trainer’s Certificate Refresher 

The 2 day iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Refresher Certificate is designed for those that currently hold an iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Certificate and need to refresh their understanding and skill of manual handling training, in particular to maintain registration on the iAS Manual Handling Trainer’s Register.  The refresher course would also be suitable for those that have attended other equivalent courses.

We can provide manual handling trainer courses at your premises through our in-house services.  Contact us for further information on how this course might meet your needs or to discuss the learning options available 

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