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Human Factors Workbook

Human Factors Workbook

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This valuable audit checklist provides an excellent structure for the analysis of your organisation’s control of the human factors element of managing health and safety risk.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) expressed the importance of human factors influencing health and safety success in their guidance HSG48.  This checklist enables you to conduct searching audits to determine your organisation’s level of control of human factors.

This workbook benefits from the corresponding Human factors - guidance and comprises 168 pages.  Each are divided into three sections, reflecting the primary components required for the effective management of health and safety human factors. 

  • Section One – Development of Safety Culture
  • Section Two – Total Job Safety
  • Section Three – Personal Factors

Each section has a number of audit requirements within it, for example Section Two – ‘Total Job Safety’ has 42 separate, detailed requirements.  Each requirement has helpful evaluation guidance to consider when auditing.

If you have an interest in auditing the primary health and safety management system you will find the Management Systems – HSG65 checklist appropriate and useful.  The series of checklists, Audit 123 – Health and safety in the workplace, that focus on general health and safety matters that affect all organisations would provide structure and guidance to your audits. 

Whatever your need related to audit checklists please talk to us and we will do our best to help. 

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