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Health & Safety Awareness

Legally, employers have to provide their workers with basic knowledge of health and safety risks. These awareness e-learning courses allow employers to do this at a fraction of the cost of classroom training. Provide your workers with the vital first step into health and safety and meet your legal and moral duties. This range consists of Health and Safety Induction, Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment and Fire Safety. See tabs below for information about each course.

  • This e-learning range is designed to comply with legal duty to train staff at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training.
  • For organisations committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment in which all employees and others can work.
  • Outlines some of the key points to help ensure that employees are able to contribute to their own health and safety as well as those who may be affected by their actions.
  • Split into small digestible parts, with interaction and multimedia content.

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Health and Safety Induction

This e-learning package will outline some of the key points to help ensure that employees are able to contribute to their own health and safety as well as those who may be affected by their actions.

Course is split into the following topics:

  1. Health and safety law, policy and responsibilities
  2. Welfare facilities and first aid
  3. Emergencies and fire arrangements
  4. Incident, accident and hazard reporting
  5. Risk assessments and safe systems of work
  6. Sources of health and safety information
  7. Personal protective equipment
  8. Safety signs
  9. Hazardous substances

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

This e-learning course is designed for anyone who uses DSE as an integral part of their job. It gives workers the knowledge they need to correctly use DSE in order to reduce health and safety risks and workplace health problems. The course will inform and educate staff to be aware of the risks of using computer equipment or any other forms of inputting device including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) covers the following important areas:

  1. What is Display Screen Equipment (DSE)?
  2. Law in relation to DSE including employers duties 
  3. Health effects associated with use of DSE
  4. Your workstation
  5. Laptop use
  6. Looking after your eyes

Fire Safety

This e-learning course is designed for managers, supervisors, fire marshalls, and all staff who may be involved in a fire emergency. An introduction into the essentials of Fire Safety in the workplace, including the nature of fire, emergency procedures and what you should do if you hear the alarm or a fire is detected.

Covers the following important areas:

  1. What is fire?
  2. Causes of fire
  3. The fire triangle
  4. Fire prevention
  5. Fire evacuation and procedures

Manual Handling

Our manual handling e-learning course covers how to lift objects safely without risking injury and is intended for anyone required to manually lift, carry, push or pull any load. This includes managers, supervisors, porters, technicians, delivery personnel and any staff involved in lifting or moving inanimate objects in the workplace.

This e-learning will take you through the following key topics:

  1. Impact of manual handling in the workplace and potential harm caused by incorrect lifting
  2. Principles of the manual handling risk assessment
  3. Correct lifting technique advocated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Your online course

Interactive exercises throughout including:

  • Missing words.
  • Diagram labelling.
  • Multiple choice questions.

Navigational functions

  • The software follows a linear format.
  • All essential content embedded in a single linear presentation style format, including course content, video and other multimedia content.
  • Progress is tracked as a simple percentage and displayed onscreen.
  • Menu accessible onscreen at all times.


  • Support accessible onscreen at all times and includes integrated email.
  • FAQ accessible from Dashboard.


  • Parts are studied sequentially and access is restricted per part.
  • No need to complete courses in one sitting – the system bookmarks where learners leave so they can continue any time.
  • Study time is approx. 1 hour + iAS assessment.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • Responsive layout.

Management & Tailoring

  • Monitor training delivery - at any time you can provide reports on who has completed the training.
  • Courses can be tailored if required, to include own photos, images, videos and additional content.
  • Company logo can be included within software and on certificate.

How much does the e-learning course cost?

Each course costs £15.00 + VAT per user.

Significant discounts are available for the purchase of multiple licences, contact our team for details.

A period of 6 months is allowed for completion of the courses and to attempt the multiple choice  assessment – this is an iAS requirement.

Purchase of these e-learning courses requires ACT Academy to setup user accounts and login details - you will receive an email confirming this is complete. Courses can only be processed and accessed the same day if purchased during the period Monday to Friday, UK time 09.00 – 16.30. Courses purchased at a weekend will be processed on the following Monday.


  • The final assessment consists of 15 multiple choice questions.
  • Pass = 9/15 (60%).
  • The final assessment has a time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Integrated and taken online.
  • A period of 6 months is allowed for completion of the course content and final assessment.
  • Upon successful completion of this course the user will be able to download, save and print off their certificate.

In the event of a fail, students are entitled to one re-take (free of charge). This must be taken within the licenced period. Any re-takes outside of the licensed period are subject to re-registration fees.


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