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ISO 9001 Implementation and Audit

ISO 9001 is recognised as the most commonly used international standard to provide a framework for an effective quality management system (QMS). It has been implemented by approximately a million organisations in 175 countries.

The ISO 9001 standard provides your organisation with a set of standardised requirements that prove internationally that you promote good quality management practices.  Regardless of your organisations activities, size or whether you are public or private sector, the standard helps to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer is someone that will buy from you again.  In order to keep your customers satisfied you must constantly strive to meet their requirements.  The ISO 9001 standard provides your organisation with a comprehensive framework that is tried and tested, which allows you to take a systematic approach to consistently produce products and services that satisfy your customers’ expectations.

The requirements of the standard are set out by 8 management principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • The involvement of people
  • A process approach
  • A systematic approach to management
  • Continuous improvement
  • A factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relations

We are able to apply our skill, and considerable expertise, to fast track the implementation of this quality management system framework into your organisation.  This will establish a firm foundation for formal management systems and if desired form the basis of an integrated management system for the future.

We are able to offer two options to organisations wishing to implement this systematic approach to managing quality:

  • Establish a stand alone system, designed by ACT to meet the ISO 9001 standard
  • Or we can create an integrated system with other established standards, such as for the environment, ISO 14001 or for health and safety, OHAS 18001

A dedicated consultant will undertake an initial review/gap analysis to obtain a perspective of the current quality conformity within your organisation.  This will be conducted against the ISO 9001.  The initial review/gap analysis will include an evaluation:

  •  Of the current management approach/systems adopted by your organisation
  •  Across all areas of quality management, including conformity with the ISO 9001 standard.

Building on the findings of the review, a focussed implementation strategy will be developed, incorporating a prioritised action list for any non-conforming areas identified by the review.  Typically an implementation strategy will include:

  • Production and refinement of policies and procedures
  • Development of risk based approach and rollout using key personnel
  • Embedding of management system into the organisation
  • Focussed training across all relevant areas to ensure the management system is adopted
  • Employee handbook development
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

You do not need to obtain certification of your management system to gain the benefits of ISO 9001.  Simply by implementing an effective quality management system based on the standard you can improve customer satisfaction, employee morale and motivation.  By adopting the ISO 9001 standard to help develop your quality management system you will have the option of gaining certification at a later stage.

The establishment of a quality management system will ensure consistency and improvement of working practices.  This leads to improved customer satisfaction and business development.

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