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ISO 14001 Implementation and Audit

All organisations have a potential for impact on the environment and it is easy to think that only the larger organisations should be concerned.  However small organisations, because there are more of them and they are under less scrutiny, often collectively have a bigger impact on the environment.

Successful organisations recognise that good environmental practice also makes good business practice, for example, it ensures the organisation can:

  • Save money – through reduced production and waste disposal costs, by using resources more efficiently
  • Avoid prosecution - by working in a way that doesn't harm the environment
  • Reduce risk – by identification and controlling risks, therefore reducing liabilities
  • Improve confidence in the supply chain – enabling you to win tenders, retain customers and improve market position
  • Improve the environment for future generations - reduce climate change, prevent air and water pollution and minimise waste

ISO 14001 is the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The ISO 14001 standard specifies requirements for organisations who wish to achieve sound environmental performance by controlling the impact of their activities, products or services on the environment by implementing an environmental management system. ISO 14001 is therefore the environmental framework that allows an organisation to understand, describe and control its significant impacts on the environment, to reduce the risk of potentially costly pollution incidents, ensure compliance with environmental legislation and continually improve its business operations.

In the first instance why not contact us to find out about the environmental impact of your organisation through a simple review.  This could be the first step to help you develop an environmental management system (EMS).  A dedicated consultant will undertake an initial review/gap analysis to obtain a perspective of the current environmental conformity within your organisation.  This will be conducted against the ISO 14001 standard.

The implementation phase of the ISO 14001 process involves us utilising the framework of the standard to establish an Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for your organisation.  This may be built upon an existing control system shaped around legal requirements or one that has developed over time as an informal extension to a quality system.

We are able to offer two options to organisations wishing to implement this systematic approach to managing environmental impact:

  • Establish a stand alone system, designed by ACT to meet the ISO 14001 standard
  • Or we can create an integrated system with other established standards, such as for quality, ISO 9001 or for health and safety, OHAS 18001

You do not need to obtain certification of your management system to gain the benefits of ISO 14001.  Simply by implementing an effective environmental management system based on the standard you can improve customer/stakeholder perspective, employee morale and motivation.  By adopting the ISO 14001 standard to help develop your environmental management system you will have the option of gaining certification at a later stage.

Please get in touch with us today for an obligation free discussion about how ACT can support your organisation

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