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Health & Safety Policy / Manuals

A clear and concise health and safety policy enables your organisation to run efficiently and effectively with regard to health and safety.

A well presented policy will also illustrate to others that you are a professional organisation. This is particularly important when tendering for contracts in the supply chain.  You will be able demonstrate that you have controls in place for your business risks, ensuring continuity of supply and safe provision of services to any prospective customer.

Our resource of experienced health and safety professionals enabling us to quickly get your policy and supporting manuals up to date and effective.  We will ensure the documentation relates to your organisation, its risks and controls.  A process of validation enables the documentation to be focused to your needs and kept to the minimum necessary to be effective.

We can also develop an employee handbook to accompany your policy/manual, to provide employees with relevant information related to risks.

We are able to assist with the development and implementation of a policy and manual that meets the requirements for conformity with recognised standards, such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.  Follow the link to Management Systems for more details.

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