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ISO 14001 Management System Audits

To see how ACT can be of assistance please contact our sales enquiry team on +44(0)1384 447915 to discuss your needs, or alternatively send us an email.

ISO 14001: 2004 is the international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The ISO 14001 standard specifies requirements for organisations who wish to achieve sound environmental performance by controlling the impact of their activities, products or services on the environment by implementing an environmental management system.

ISO 14001 is therefore the environmental framework that allows an organisation to understand, describe and control its significant impacts on the environment, to reduce the risk of potentially costly pollution incidents, ensure compliance with environmental legislation and continually improve its business operations.

ACT Resource provides an independent audit service to assess your management system against ISO 14001 requirements.

You may want to know how well orientated to ISO 14001 your management system is before you start an implementation programme to meet the standard.  ACT Resource can undertake an initial gap analysis audit to obtain a clear and concise picture of the current status of environmental performance in your organisation.  
The audit will include:

  • A review of current management approach/systems adopted by your organisation.
  • An in-depth audit across all areas of environmental management, including conformity with the ISO 14001 standard.

You may want to validate the implementation work you have already done before approaching a certification body to confirm conformity.  ACT Resource can conduct a pre-certification audit, planned to give sufficient time to amend non-conforming systems.  The audit would follow a similar pattern to a certification audit but provide opportunity for discussion of any non-conformances found.  The audit would include an assessment of management systems documents, workplace observations and interviews.

You may want our assistance with your internal audit programme, we can provide regular audits to periodically check conformity or you can take our service on a needs basis, perhaps where you need extra resource.

Audits will be conducted against the ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use” by our consultant.  Our consultants have several years experience in the effective analysis and development of environmental management systems.

A full report will be issued, together with management briefing/summary note.  This could form the basis of a presentation to Senior Management if required.

Building on the findings of the audit, a focussed ISO 14001 Implementation Strategy could be developed, incorporating a prioritised action list with timelined key performance indicators (KPIs) for the non-conforming areas identified by the audit.  See our ISO 14001 Management Systems Consultancy Services for more information on help with implementation of ISO 14001.

Contact us for further information or to discuss the options available.

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