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ACT Academy and ACT Resource

ACT is a specialist health, safety and environmental risk management organisation that has developed and refined a distinct range of products and services that are both current and relevant to market needs. 

Education and learning have always being a strong element of ACT’s focus, this has developed to reflect these market needs and technology changes, leading to the establishment of the ACT Academy.  ACT’s strategy to provide enabling support to clients has been drawn together into the ACT Resource.  

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The ACT Academy has consistently made an impact on the health, safety and environmental education landscape in the UK and is now sharing this experience globally. 

Individuals and organisations make important decisions about their training and development needs and want confidence in who they work with.  ACT is a ‘trusted partner’ who can provide the range of awards and learning methods to meet current and future needs.

The ACT Academy provides routes to well recognised awards like NEBOSH and IOSH for those with specialist responsibilities for health, safety and environmental matters.  The ACT Academy portfolio of awards also includes ones from other awarding bodies - iAS for auditors, CITB Cskills for site managers and the ECITB safety passport scheme, UKATA for asbestos awareness, as well as a range of CIEH awards.  ACT Academy also has awards related to important techniques like risk assessment and accident investigation, we often work with organisations to map training needs and provide courses to meet client requirements.

The ACT Academy has for many years provided classroom based courses at our UK venues and more recently our international venues.  We are well respected for the quality of our courses and have a long reputation as a provider of professional qualifications, including those that lead to IOSH membership.  Classroom based courses are also provided at your premises through our in-house services covering the UK and international locations.

The e-learning part of the ACT Academy provides flexible access to induction, awareness, specific risk, audit skills and professional level products.  We can develop and tailor e-learning to ensure clients have the learning they need, including a blended learning approach, which combines both conventional face-to-face learning with e-learning formats.  This reflects the changing demands on people at work and the requirement to balance commitments with availability to meet competence development needs.

The ACT Academy has provided work based NVQ programmes in health and safety since their introduction in the UK.  The range includes those that lead to membership of IOSH or IIRSM.  This method of gaining and confirming competence is popular with those that prefer to show their knowledge and ability through their work activities.  Our experience provides efficient routes to completion and our professional standards ensure you gain an award that has value.

We are well placed to help clients identify training needs, develop learning standards for awards and gain endorsement by awarding bodies.  We help organisations to prioritise competency requirements listed in their training matrix and provide solutions through in-house classroom/workplace based programmes, e-learning or at our venues around the UK and overseas.  We even train client’s own trainers to provide learning themselves.

We take pride in the breadth and quality of training we can provide, we like to think that clients come to us first and that they get the solutions they want. 


ACT has also long been recognised as a source of expertise, which has been made available through its audit and consultancy services.  These have been consolidated into the ACT Resource and joined by excellent software products and publications.

The ACT Resource provides support to organisations to achieve their goals to manage their health, safety, and environmental risks.  Health and safety assistance provided to clients has traditionally been shaped by their interest in meeting the HSE management systems guidance HSG65, however as OHSAS 18001 has evolved and become established, greater interest is being placed on conformity against this standard.  We work with organisations to make the route to achieving recognition with standards like OHSAS 18001 as efficient and effective as possible.   We can also support the implementation of management systems for quality (9001), environment (14001) or integration.

ACT Resource solutions have also been developed to work alongside those with HSE roles, particularly providing additional competent person resource where demands are high and solutions are needed promptly.  We provide contracted support services that enable you to have a competent person available to meet your ongoing needs, whether you are a smaller organisation or a corporate body.  As part of the competent person services we can assist with risk assessments and the development of a policy/manual.  Our independent audit services will help you to establish the status of your organisation and identify actions to maintain and improve risk management.  We assist, support and enable.

ACT Resource authors and distributes essential guides, powerpoint presentations and audit checklists, many of which are published by RMS Publishing.  The range includes study books relating to NEBOSH awards and a successful publication relating to controlling skin exposure.  The publication aimed at preventing skin exposure is published by RMS Publishing in association with the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

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